Maxx Hospitals

Industrial Catering

The world of industries is one that is diverse in nature – with multiple sectors, different work shifts, people from various walks of life coming together, and all striving day in and out. Inevitably comes irregular eating patterns coupled with loss of appetite and energy over a period of time, making it all the more imperative that the food they intake is one that adds to their everyday health supplement. This is where the Maxx promise comes into play.

From the very inception of Maxx, catering to this genre has been our forte. Be it tackling volume, or doing away some fatigue with food, blending nutrition and taste, serving large numbers in a short time or solving portion control, we know the perfect formulas that work. We also bring to your workplace table elements of surprise by cuisines themed around festivals and international celebrations, seasonal food inclusions and more. Food can be fun when work is not!