Maxx Hospitals

Institutional Catering

The young are always on the look-out for multiple options, be it their education, clothing, future goals and aspirations, especially food. They want it to be the best of both worlds – taste and health. They don’t settle, and so don’t we!

That’s why at Maxx we offer a plethora of food options that is both healthy and nutritious from cuisines across the globe, apt for hostellers and canteens of schools and colleges. We draw up various menu patterns and ensure food is neither boring nor cyclic in routine. We put in the best of efforts to curb food wastage by judicious portion servings that also fit best into stipulated lunch durations. We efficiently manage multiple batches of students as they queue up for their meals. A lot of planning and preparation goes into the making of the wholesome meals we offer, they contain the needed nutrients to keep students going throughout the day that is filled with activities and learning.