-Redefining Food- Experience Maxximum

Kindling the fire….

The cooking bug had bitten Balaji right in his childhood when his mother let him assist her in the kitchen whenever something special was being cooked. With the passing years it was discovered that this excitement had given way to a passion for preparing delicacies and laying out a delectable spread for family and friends. These experiences in carrying events from the beginning to end reinforced his serious interest to pursue a career in the catering industry.

Recipe of success….

Two is a company, three’s a crowd was proved false when Balaji, Arun Gandhi and Arun came together to form a professional catering services company in 2015 and named it as Maxx Hospitalities & Catering Services (P) Ltd. They are gradually becoming formidable names among the industrial caterers in Chennai. In a very short span of time they were able to get into multiple segments of industries like the IT Food Court, healthcare and the industrial sector. They have ability to provide all types of cuisines, completely customized and tailor made for their clients.